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As the goddess, Venus is sensual, and tangible as she enlivens one's taste in adornment, art, decoration, and culinary delights. For example, during a Venus retrograde phase, you may find yourself spontaneously upgrading items in your wardrobe, desiring a new color scheme in your living space, or perhaps redoing the landscape, and cultivating beauty in the garden. Over the millenniums, since Venus is visible to the naked eye, humans have been able to track and document the cycles of this very close neighbor in our solar system.

As new planets are discovered, astronomers continue to draw upon ancient mythology for names. In , astronomers discovered another dwarf planet orbiting in deep space. Approximately the same size as Pluto, and in a similar orbit, astronomers decided to name this planet Eris after the Greek goddess of discord. When a planet is discovered and named, astrologers observe its influence through reviewing historical cycles within the context of current events. The symbols come alive as a new archetype emerges into the planetary consciousness.

In this case, Eris is making herself known big time, and perhaps the Roman name is more telling, Discordia. In several articles last year, I mentioned Eris, and the emergence of compelling planetary themes around competition, misuse of resources, misogyny, the disenfranchised, refugee and immigration crisis, corporate power, and survival issues.

This current eruption of the Eris archetype is further activated by Uranus, the planet of lightening speed, thunderous change, rebellion and innovation. Considering that Uranus has an 84 year orbit, it is significant that Uranus is joining Eris for the third, and final time on March Keep in mind, while computers can give precise dates, in reality, this joining as been in effect for several years. More than likely, the intensity will continue as humanity is forced to acknowledge and integrate the Eris archetype, and her poignant message. This brings us to a major planetary alignment taking place over most of Astrologers call this a T-square, which is a joining of three or more planets in challenging positions.

On an interactive social level, this stressful combination begs for viable solutions and sustainable resolutions. In other words, it's a rocky ride, and fairly uncomfortable until resolved. This particular alignment really gets underway during March, but may not come to satisfactory resolution until late September. First, let's consider Jupiter and its current transit through Libra.

Jupiter is known as a social planet, governing institutions that uphold law and order. On a deeper level, Jupiter inspires conviction, the philosophical framework of politics, religion and culture. On March 2, Jupiter opposes Uranus. Look for extraordinary displays of position and power that may be extreme. On March 30, Jupiter squares Pluto which is a potential set-up for reckless, entitled, and arrogant attempts for sweeping reform.

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This planetary combination contributes to heightened vigilance and radical uprising. More than likely, we are looking at a cascade of events taking place over the next three months. Taken as a whole, these trends are activating over the course of , altering the landscape of our shared reality. We don't have to look far to see the effects.

The planetary picture speaks to the complexity of maintaining individuality, and autonomy in a radically shifting social and cultural environment. Business as usual may seem irrelevant, like there is nothing to hold onto as the future looms unknown, spiraling out of control. In the face of quickly shifting demographics, and political affiliations, labels are falling away, and many are questioning where they stand in regard to numerous social arenas.

In the urgency to address major issues, the country seems to be hitting the wall, rushing headstrong into fundamental differences. Against the backdrop of this stark reality, there is hope. New social movements, more in keeping with the times, are emerging as the collective awakens from slumber.

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Increasingly, those in governing positions are urgently moved to speak up, and address social conditions that those people in fringe movements have observed for decades. But that is being a consumer of their political product, not being a citizen. A citizen is more than a consumer. However much the tentacles of corporate political interference may coil around and through our democracy, at the end of the day the survival of our democracy depends on active participation of the people.

Citizens need to get up off the couch and set things right. Let's name it clearly. The country and world face a spiritual and moral crisis. It's essential and inevitable that citizens stand up and speak out. A Full Moon on March 12 brings these themes into greater view. With the Sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo, issues around belief, spirituality, stewardship and sustainability rise to the surface. There is a falling away of the superfluous as the universe opens doors of expanded reality.

Only through tuning out the cacophony of loud, discordant voices, is it possible to tap into a larger framework.

Geographic and Annual Influences on Optical Follow-up of Gravitational Wave Events

This is a point of surrender, and one is able to feel celestial assistance pouring forth upon the problems of the world. There is a palpable shift as the dark days of winter fall away, and Spring Equinox on March 20 continues the shift into a higher, more active gear. It's advisable to closely watch developments through the remainder of March. Spring weather is typically erratic, contributing to a general sense of unease.

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Additionally, the tempo speeds up on every front as Mercury in Aries activates the on-going T-square, March 23 — At this point, the rumble can turn into a roar, and unsettling events may spill over into the next several months. In the tumult of these weeks, there is a saving grace. On March 9, Mars enters the zodiac sign of Taurus, where it will remain until April This steadying influence can bring awareness down to earth.

As the pure pulse of Aries penetrates earth as raw and bold initiative, Taurus smooths things out, finding great delight in the earth experience.

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  • Private getaways, secret gardens, hidden coves. Soothing raw nerves and regenerating the spirit, humanity is cradled within the energetic field of Earth. When we stop, breath, relax and let go, we accept the gifts of this life, and realize there is so much to be thankful for. She is available for personal consultations. Pisces Solar Eclipse February 26 am It's February,and powerful signs of nature's rebirth are visible.

    From first crocus pushing through obstacles, emerging into light, to tiny spring beauties gracing the earth with color, the dynamic upward thrust of life itself is inevitable. It is reassuring to welcome these early signs of spring around the corner.


    Nature provides a centerpiece of beauty and serenity against the backdrop of human doing. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, there are no easy answers for a species that chooses to learn fundamental lessons the hard way. The planetary influences throughout February continue to emphasize a basic premise. Humanity appears to be distracted, lost on a spinning world of gigantic and universal proportions, with very little comprehension of life's purpose. Ranting, raving, running. Life on this dimension is temporary, and it is advisable to make good use of one's incarnation.

    For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, the veils of illusion are dissolving in the light of a Lunar Eclipse on February 10, and a Solar Eclipse on February Eclipses are part of an 18 year cycle between our Earth, Moon and Sun. This natural and cyclical alignment exerts a tremendous gravitational pull that intensifies emotion while playing an instrumental role in the ups and downs of human affairs. Both lunar and solar eclipses tend to bring subconscious material to the surface of conscious everyday awareness. Issues can no longer be ignored as they surge to the surface for reckoning and resolution.

    With Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Leo, these strong polarizing energies tend to bring power struggles to a head, for better or worse. This is a compelling combination considering that humanity is posed on the threshold of the Aquarian Age, and the U. Moon in Aquarius gives the country a humanitarian, scientific, community oriented, progressive edge.

    Aquarius is the zodiac sign of experimentation, and the experiment of democracy requires on-going participation. A heavy handed and autocratic leadership style doesn't go well with Aquarian values.