February 28 2020 weekly horoscope

Women born on this day often enter two marriages. Life of such a person is often rather extraordinary: they are in for many adventures. They usually look for greater ideals in their life. They can be counted on and entrusted with positions requiring a lot of trust. What threatens them. They can achieve a prominent position — but they are still in danger of disturbances they will try to endure with resignation. It should be added that both the younger and older people born on this day have large amounts of inner modesty.

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Such a person is usually quite skinny in their youth, with a round face and delicate features. Becomes more corpulent with age. A man born on this day is more systematic about his habits than a woman, although just as uneasy.

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How to raise a child born on this day. Every moniker has an undeniable character and personality. Sponsored links.

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Rat is the mythical animal and Metal is the element for a person born on this day if we consider the very old art of Chinese astrology or Chinese zodiac. Now try another date like anniversaries, birthdays of someone you know or any other date that is special to you. Who knows, they might appreciate and thank you for it.

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Venus inSagittarius finds you exploring your secret desires. The sun faces off with Uranus, the planet of rebellion and freedom, and you are honest about your need for privacy. You get some sweet news from higher-ups as messenger Mercury meets Venus, the planet of pleasure, and you can share your ideas with important people in an astute and attractive way. Mercury retrograde will create some delays when it comes to launching your big projects or career plans, but this just allows extra time to perfect it.

You might want to spend some time alone, but your social life is blossoming as Venus in Sagittarius turns you into an attractive party guest. Your ideas might be hard to keep up with as the sun faces off with Uranus, the planet of freedom and rebellion. Consolidate your most idiosyncratic thoughts. Your philosophical side is piqued as Mercury, the planet of the mind, meets aesthetic Venus, encouraging you to sound off.

This sort of thoughtfulness can make you even more attractive than you already are once Venus enters Sagittarius, finding you more popular and desirable—an astrological PR boost!

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Chances are, you can get the help or material resources that you ask for as messenger Mercury meets Venus, planet of love and money, helping you get loans or assistance. However, Mercury retrograde begins, finding past debts and taxes coming back from the grave! You need plenty of space to do your own thing, Taurus, and right now that thing is changing and revolutionizing your sense of self. You can come up with some creative solutions as to how to get it done.

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Loving conversations and expressions of devotion flow as the planet of communication, Mercury, meets sweet Venus, your amorous planetary ruler. Things may get carried away. You seek a break from the daily grind. The sun faces off with unconventional Uranus, and you need to make a compromise between your duties and your urge to do whatever the hell you want. Flexibility is a must!

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Luckily, you can talk with coworkers or the people that make up your day-to-day life with ease and pleasure as your planetary ruler Mercury meets Venus, the planet of love. Conversations about your interpersonal commitments and obligations flow and you can work out a way to achieve the type of freedom you desire.

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  7. Mercury retrograde complicates schedules, but this gives you space to do what you want. Venus, the planet of love, graces your relationship sector, helping you attract the type of exciting and intellectually stimulating relationships you desire. You need a lot of flexibility and freedom when it comes to your social life, and this includes your sex life.

    The sun faces off with Uranus, the planet of the unconventional, shining a light on the ways you think you need more space. A break from your current relationship, friendships, or creative experimentation, are on the table.