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Natal Chart This is the place to start for your very first astrology reading or when you looking for self understanding. A natal chart is a snapshot of the sky at the exact time that you were born.

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This type of astrology reading explains how all of the planets not just the sun influence your personality, emotions, and ambitions. In my coaching practice, I use the natal chart to revel important information housed in karma and destiny points to help clients quickly connect to and understand early-life trauma, family relationships, and other sources of ego wounding that need to be unlearned, healed and mastered for a fuller, healthier, and more positive self expression.

The source of years of struggle or failure in a specific area can be quickly pinpointed as well as the path to improvement. These karmic points reveal the lessons that you will endure as the universe tries to move your forward on a path of evolution. Current Transits Current transits are what astrologers look at when they write horoscopes or when referencing something taking place at the present moment or in the coming weeks. Current transits also give a bit of predictive advice, so if you want to know when is a good time to launch a project, to start looking for a new home, or even to select the best date for your wedding a current transit chart can help you make a decision.

Request a Current Transit chart reading when you want to how the universe is influencing your personal universe. Solar Return Go shorty….

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The sign in the first house is the sign that was rising in the east. Each sign gets an equal time of rising in the east which is 2 hours. Position of planet in various signs and houses is according to their position in heaven when you were born. This chart is made based on the house where moon is placed. For instance if your moon is placed in 11th house, 12th house would be the second house from moon in this chart.

Moon chart is equally important as is the birth chart since after ascendant, moon is the fastest planet. It changes sign after 2. Horoscope analysis would be incomplete if you ignore moon chart. It is the most important divisional chart. Well, mostly sure… 9. The Annoying Sun-sign Astrologer The annoying Sun-sign astrologer is the one who keeps saying that you are such a insert zodiac sign here. A typical Sun-sign column of this nature reads: Dear Cancer, you are such a Cancer!! Stop being crabby!

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