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Charisma of Upchaya Houses. Secrets of Ashtaka Varga. E-Mail Address:. Tell someone you know about this book. You Are the World. Collected Papers in Vedic Astrology. The World of Rhythm Called Rituals.

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Digestion and Metabolism in Ayurveda. Change your Aura Change your Life: A step-by-step guide to unfolding your spiritual power. Voice of Death. Terror on the High Seas. Inspiring Songs and Kirtans. Write a review for this book! Have received my order. Essays on Mars and Jupiter. In her classic first book, Liz Greene traces Saturn's influence through the signs and houses though emphasis is more on the houses , in aspect to the other planets and in synastry.

She shows that Saturn, which was previously regarded as a malefic planet, can be an initiator leading us into greater consciousness. By Robert Hand Precise information on latitudes, parans, dodekatemoria and other technical matters. Uncovers the core meanings of the planets, houses, etc. Made up of the midpoints between the planets in the charts of two people, the composite chart describes the relationship that is occurring between the pair. Hand's book shows how to compute a composite chart and presents illustrative case studies. Then it gives complete sign, house and aspect interpretations for all the planets in the composite chart.

Top of page Planets in Transit. For everyone from the layperson to the seasoned astrologer, this is the essential reference for living through any transit in a constructive, life-affirming way. Enables you to pinpoint just what each transit is asking of you, its strong points and possibile pitfalls, and where it wants to take you in your development. Includes extensive, thoughtful delineations of house transits and 5 major transiting aspects from the 10 transiting planets Sun through Pluto to natal planets plus the Asc and MC.

Also describes Hand's orderly method for analyzing transits, with case studies. Expanded 2nd Ed. Planets in Youth. Robert Hand's only book of natal chart delineations, this includes complete interpretations for planets in signs, houses and aspects. While it was slanted to help teenagers achieve self-understanding, it also speaks in clear, direct language to any adult who is in the process of becoming.

An Introduction explores the role of the planets in stages of human development and includes case studies. By Rumen Kolev Faced with the threat of Suleiman the Magnificent invading Vienna, Archduke Ferdinand I commissioned the eminent astrologer Lucas Gauricus to predict his fortunes for the years The great astrologer Regiomontanus wrote out this delineation in for the Empress Eleanora on the birth of her son, the future Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I.

This book includes the entire manuscript in facsimile, plus side-by-side printed Latin and English versions with extensive footnotes, commentaries, historical background, charts and illustrations. By Bill Meridian Combining the author's own experience with the observations of Jayne and Johndro, this acclaimed new book provides the lost key to eclipse cycles and the location of events.

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Rich with instructive illustrations and examples, it shows how to work with eclipses, locations and event-timing in both personal and mundane charts. An inspiring book packed with invaluable observations, accurate forecasting aids and practical real-life case studies. One of the best intros to astrology ever, this little gem packs in an amazing amount of essential information. Includes a history of astrology, ready answers for astrology's critics, the basic symbolism of the planets, signs, aspects and houses, how to go about reading a birth chart, and even how to start making astrological predictions.

Ideal for clients and non-astrological friends - and you'll no doubt learn something new from it yourself. In this thoughtful book on why and how astrology may work, Scofield argues that astrology is deeply embedded in our biological processes.


He shows how planetary cycles establish imprints as we develop, and how these imprints structure our personality and, consequently, our destiny. Astrological Chart Calculations is a presentation of the key concepts behind the celestial spheree, the keeping of time, the development of trigonometry and nature of house systems. It is a general reference useful to any student of astrology.

Anyone who has passed high school algebra and geometry will be able to follow the explanations and worked calculations in this book. This rich, solidly researched excursion into myth, science, history and women's issues will set new trains of thought into motion and give you expanded concepts for interpretation.

The Astrolabe World Ephemeris, - at Midnight features longitudes and declinations for the Sun, Moon, planets, Chiron, and the asteriods. Preface by Rob Hand. Preface by Robert Hand. Daily positions for the Sun through Pluto and the North Node, with dates and times of lunar phases and solar sign-ingresses. Large, easy-to-read type. Tables of Planetary Phenomena by Neil F. This amazing compilation lists eclipses, stations, outer-planet conjunctions, and much, much more! Predictive Astrology by Michele Adler. A highly regarded, admirably clear and complete catalog of predictive techniques and how to use them.

This first and only book in English by the legendary European astrologer presents some of the most important insights of his nearly year career.

Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune by Chris Brennan is the first comprehensive survey of this tradition in modern times. The book covers the history, philosophy, and techniques of ancient astrology, with a special focus on demonstrating how many of the fundamental concepts underlying the practice of western astrology originated during the Hellenistic period.

A useful compendium of the fundamental techniques of Uranian astrology. Planets in Locality by Steve Cozzi. This comprehensive book describes the nature of the local space system of horoscope interpretation and offers detailed delineations. This leading traditional astrologer and translator explains how adding techniques and concepts from ancient, medieval and Renaissance astrology can enhance your chart-reading today.

Combination of Stellar Influences by Reinhold Ebertin. This classic contains meanings for every two- and three-point combination of planets, the MC, Ascendant and Node.

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The definitive guide to assessing the temperament in astrology. She then describes the research that enabled her to arrive at a workable system for evaluating temperament in the natal chart. Finally, she illustrates pure and compound temperaments in the charts of many famous people. Mechanics of the Future: Asteroids, Rev. Add details to your readings by understanding the meanings and proper use of 39 major asteroids, from the usual Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta and Chiron to lesser-known asteroids like Amor, Apollo and Arachne.

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Delineates each asteroid in combination with the regular planets and angles, the other asteroids, and the Uranian planets. Also provides refreshing and sensible insights on aspect patterns, midpoint structures, dials and declinations, synastry and composite charts, and predictive techniques including transits, progressions and directions, eclipses, returns and diurnal charts. Classical Astrology for Modern Living , by J. Lee Lehman, PhD. From Ptolemy to psychology and back!


Aiming to improve the practice of astrology today, Dr Lehman presents ancient techniques and the logic behind them. She then shows how these practices illuminate the charts of famous people and events. Jim Lewis wrote the classic book on this powerful locational astrology technique, and here it is reissued in a new expanded edition.