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Learn more about it and download it by clicking here. Want to see the current Planetary Hour in your system tray? ChronosXP keeps you current. Download it by clicking here.

Want to see the strength of specific harmonic aspects over time? Download the Harmogram by clicking here. Here's a screen program that shows traditional, modern, and esoteric rulerships. Download Esoteric Astrological Rulerships Freeware by clicking here.

AstroFrames calculates Primary Directions and planetary positions. Riyal for Windows calculates many astronomical bodies, e.


Download it by by clicking here. Note: you will need to follow the program's instructions carefully to get accurate results Click here to download it.

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Configuration Hunter allows you to search for aspect patterns over time. To go to their website and get it, click here. Vedic astrology freeware. Get the latest version of Jr.

The powerful Vedic program Jagannatha Hora 7. I signed up for a month so I could review the pro-level subscription for this post.


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The charts and transit lists are great. It almost does everything I need it to. Printing functionality still runs a little buggy. Assuming this project is still in the early stages, I really think the hearts and minds behind AstroApp have created something promising! Still too much? A monthly subscription option is available for the commitment-phobic! Astro Gold is a suite of Android and iOS apps. Astro Gold makes it easy to get charts, bi-wheels, and a basic transit hit list.

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Astro Gold is relatively new, so there are still some kinks in the program. Customer service is friendly and quick to respond to bug reports. Solar Fire is the only software I use for my professional work, and the only reason I still have a computer with a Windows operating system. Solar Fire is the deluxe toolkit.

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It has everything and the kitchen sink when it comes to astrological tricks and techniques!! There is a learning curve with the Solar Fire interface.

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Check out the wonderful online tutorials to see if it looks like something you can comfortably handle. The interface is pretty easy. You can calculate natal charts, composite, and progressed. You can easily run and print transit or progressed hit lists. For example, if I want to know exactly when a planet turns retrograde, enters a new sign, or completes a transit, I can run a search in Io Sprite and get the info I need.

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I find Windows to be a big pain in my butt. Because there are scads of astrology software programs available for the Windows platform, and many of them are free! Luckily, someone else has done the hard work for us. Hey Molly The universe just brought you into my world.. I am looking forward to learning astrology and learning from you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.