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Avoid a work conflict — and follow safety rules on Fri. Money, income sources, buying bargains, selling, sensual attractions and rote learning e. Monday starts 6 weeks of intense romance creative, inventive, gambling, pleasure pursuits for the non-romantic.


Leos are the royal leaders of Zodiac. The 5th in the line of Zodiac, Leos, much like their name, are strong, fierce, bold, courageous and regal in their lifestyles, ways and expression. Amazingly creative in almost all spheres of their lives, Leo individuals are independent and dominant. Known to be the most authoritative amongst all the Signs of Zodiac, Leos or Lions are often brave-hearts, and their confidence, ambition and positive thinking are exemplary and unparalleled. Driven and determined, often to the degree of excess, most Leo individuals precisely know what they want from a situation, in particular, and the life, in general.

Find here the free weekly astrology predictions as per your horoscope and zodiac signs for this week. These will help you know future and take control Know about the Astrology as per Jainism. What are the exclusive beliefs and practices of Jain Astrology which make it so special for horoscope predict Venus will begin it's transit in Aries from March 26, which is going to end on April 20, Know what impact will Venus in Aries transit have o Mars in Sagittarius March In this celestial movement article, know about the Mars transit in Sagittarius and its effects on the 12 moon signs.

Horoscop acvaria leo. Finance Home. Your real luck in lies in money and profundities. Soon, this money luck will swell, Jan. Horoscop acvaria rac Monday begins 6 weeks of hard work.

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Optimism, social joys, popularity! Retreat, lie low, contemplate and concoct plans. Interface with civil servants, admin.

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Good time to visit a doctor, psychic, or such, esp. Here's how Leo season will affect your sign:. Tere tulemast tagasi!

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This month is quite promising in the relationship department. Ah, I love a good fire plus water question.

Pisces really are, well, delicious, and deliciously addictive. I, too, have fallen under their spell a few times. People often talk about which sign is the worst heartbreaker. It makes sense that you, as a Leo, are attracted to them.

You're fixed fire, with tons of intensity and passion. Pisces is mutable water, and they love to go with the flow and carry on with anything exciting around them, which is probably you. You love dramatic romantic gestures, which Pisces are very capable of because they themselves are also very romantic.

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They intuit the feelings of others, and if they think someone needs to be heard, held, or helped, then if they care, they'll drop everything to help do what they can. And, no matter how heartless they can seem, they do always care. They care deeply. Rest assured, all of the Pisces you've loved have cared very deeply about you.

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Still, that's not to say that they'll give you the no-holds-barred, hours-a-day attention that you crave each and every day. We fire signs can sometimes be exhausting for other signs because we do really want attention constantly. Pisces can be a bit sadistic in this way; because they know what makes us tick so well, they can decide not to give it to us on a whim. But my instincts are saying that if you must have water, go Cancer.